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Denis is GREAT TO DEAL WITH!! My car was damaged in a parking lot during the night by a big truck that was just ramming cars for no reason. It started with the front bumper and went all the way down the passenger side and even took out the rear bumper. I thought my car was totaled and could not be fixed. It took about two weeks, but it looked better inside and out than the day I bought it when it was six months old. Dennis worked with the insurance company and even gave me a loaner car while he was fixing my car. He even came in on Sunday to let me pick it up because of the hours I work. Thank You so much. -Lindsey

*I experienced an accident with my car and a big buck!! Denis came to my rescue and has given me wonderful customer service unlike I have ever received anywhere, anytime.  I would suggest you all give Den's Auto Body a try if you need any body work on your vehicle! My car looks brand new Denis does a spectacular job!  Thank you Denis for everything you did/do! -Julie

*On Thanksgiving day we were traveling through Superior and a car ran a stop sign. Our SUV was not able to move because the wheel was torn off. Dennis came in and gave us a loaner car and let us try to enjoy the rest of the day. I was very worried because I have never been in an accident and this was my last new purchace. So i kinda read Dennis the roit act on the phone because of all the poor repairs i have seen done in a lot of shops. I dont know much but my son inlaw used to do this for a living and he always points out the poor paint matches on new cars. So i was really suprised when we picked it up. You could not tell it was ever hit and he cleaned the inside, polished the whole outside and even fixed a couple small dents and scratches. Thanks for the Great work and if it ever happens again we will be coming to see you!! -Ron
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